About me

iOS Developer at SherpaShare. I was in charge of deploying several native apps: Driver, Pulse, and Compass. As a first hire I wore many hats. I created a mobile friendly online dashboard using Angular and also adopted the role of designer making UI/UX in Sketch.

Previously I worked at At The Pool as a Lead Developer. I did everything technical from managing PostgreSQL database, backend in Python-Flask, frontend, to app development.

In my college years I was heavily involved in a lot research. I researched in motion planning and computer vision during my BS years in UNR with 2 published research papers. I obtained my Masters in Entertainment Technology from CMU and made the world's thinnest screen out of soap bubble. Multiple papers were published with this project and it was featured in a lot press such as Discover and BBC.



iOS Development

I made numerous native apps using Objective-C along with some side projects in Swift. I usually build apps using CocoaPods, AFNetworking, and Mantle, and I love to explore new technologies. Apps I built include games, social networking, and productivity.


I enjoy making dynamic webpages using either Angular or React. Although I don't call myself a designer, I can use designer's tools such as Sketch and Photoshop. I love details and make things pixel perfect.


Using Python as my main language, I built many websites with Flask and Google AppEngine. I have fundamental knowledge in SQL databases and used AWS briefly.

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My work

I have worked on many projects. Here are some highlights.



SherpaShare Driver

Mileage Log, Expense Tracker & Taxes

#1 App for Uber/Lyft Drivers and other independent contractors!

SherpaShare Tracker automatically logs your driving trips and calculates trip value using advanced mileage tracking technology. You'll get the tax deduction you deserve with a minimum amount of effort.

It connects you with the larger driver community to get real time information, help, and support for better work decision making.

SherpaShare Pulse

Largest on-demand worker community

"New App Powers Chat Between Uber And Lyft Drivers: Non-employees, meet your coworkers." - FastCompany.

SherpaShare Dashboard

Mobile friendly dashboard

I build a mobile friendly online dashboard using Angular.

At The Pool

Go online to offline

Bringing people online to offline by connecting people with similar interests. I build the backend, frontend, and the app. Later At The Pool became Yeti.

Momo and Bochi

Block stacking game

A block stacking game that was made in Unity3D.

Collidal Dispaly

World's Thinnest Screen

World's thinnest screen

By using ultrasonic speakers we are able to project an image on the transparent soap film. This will be the first screen where you can control the transparency and the texture.

Computer Vision

abnormal crowd behavior detection

This was my project when I was in REU at UCF.

It computes the optical flow of every frame and apply a social force model on each particle that we lay on the image. Then we can compute whether the video is making unusual activity such as opposing flow.

Motion Planning

Network-Guided Multi-Robot Path Planning

I build a simular that shows how multiple robot will move in an imperfect sensor data using network connections.

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Send me an email at hello@alexisoyama.com